Dissolving Margins

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“Dissolving Margins” explores the impact of a further cancer diagnosis on Annemarie’s and my life for the last two and a half years. It records our respective photographic responses to a second diagnosis, various treatments in multiple locations, and the ongoing, incessant stress and worry and a search for calmness, solace and sanctuaries. It is a story that will be familiar to many peoople in some shape or form.

We believe strength, determination and love shine through the dark times in our collaborative exhibition  and our accompanying books: “Still Intrusion” and the follow on book “Dissolving Margins”. Through those difficult times we have sought beauty and form in our photographic art.

Part photographic art and part personal and social documentary, this series forms our collaborative exhibition “Thursday’s Child” and contains a mix of digital images and historic processes images, some of which have been hand coloured by Annemarie, and text; in essence very different work that tells a story of the lives of us both but which is a story of common humanity.

Field Note

I’m getting to know Auckland well. I quickly came to realise I needed a sanctuary, a place of beauty, a natural place – Monte Cecilia Park, Hillsborough, Auckland. This is a garden of outstanding beauty designed in the grand English landscape style made famous by someone with the unlikely name of Lancelot “Capability” Brown. It backs onto Annemarie’s Mum’s retirement village where we stay.

The park is full of the most astounding giant trees linked by peaceful curving paths, overlooked by the Pah Homestead. To Annemarie, the Pah Homestead is a place of sun, stillness, and peace.

For me it is a place to walk, think and photograph. The early morning dissolving mists of June are quite spectacular and mysterious. The Morton Bay Fig trees have magnificent root systems and draw me repeatedly. Other trees remind me of growth, strength, longevity and calmness. These are moments of stillness and solitude in the midst of chaos.

Post chemotherapy and surgery we find ourselves in Christchurch during Level 3 lockdown for a PET CT scan. I am drawn to the mists and changing margins of Hagley Park in Christchurch. The lack of people I find comforting, the mists remind me of how easy it can be to lose your way.

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