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I have developed a deep love for the Wānaka area. I spent 36 years working as an outdoor education teacher and explored many areas around here with students as we in turn explored the personal and social – how do we treat and look after ourselves, each other and the planet. In total I have spent over one and half years of my life in the Matukituki Valley. There is something magical about this  valley – a bold light, intense colour, wild and pristine weather, raging and calm waters.  At the same time it has a spiritual aspect that is beyond words and offers a true connection to nature that comes from being around the plants, animals and birds of an area you know well.

Off the beaten track are many obscure areas that share their beauty at various times of the year for those willing to seek out the lesser known places. Familiar mountains and valleys photographed from new less known angles never fail to delight. In addition I have been smitten with the snows of the Pisa Range and the Snowfarm where I have taught and coached so many students and adults in the joys of cross country skiing. More than that though – here is a unique location of solitude, calm, peace and shelter from the storm of life – it is where my soul dwells and where I am most at home.

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